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The wasabi story


Dr. Alain Cagna. Wasabi Co-Founder

Dr. Indraneel Sen. Wasabi Co-Founder

On a cold September evening in 2016, Dr. Alain Cagna handed 1000 Euro in crisp new currency notes to Indraneel Sen, as capital to set up Wasabi Innovations. They celebrated with a dinner at the restaurant of Magic Castle Hotel where Alain was a guest. On the stage a magician was pulling of pigeons from a hat.  

Soon friends and family members bootstrapped around 5500 Euro through a crowdfunding campaign to fund networking through international conferences, and pay for overheads. 

We were on an organic journey to set up the company with its projects.  

It  originated as an unstoppable inner force with a structural tension and a momentum that urged us on, despite unprecedented hardships, ridicule, and failures.

There was no other option. 

What We Do - 


We innovate and manage innovations through projects. Our forms of choice are droplets, soap films, bubbles and foams. 


We disseminate and communicate projects as partners. We are based in Sofia Bulgaria - a strategic location in the Balkans. 

Grant Writing

We write our own proposals as coordinator, and proposals for other coordinator organizations as partners. We only work with proposals that fit within our thematic interests. Namely - Sustainable innovations with water and natural materials. 


We work as consultant partners or advisors, to projects that fit within our thematic interests. 

Our Collaborators

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